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Auto Accidents

Getting rid of pain, rehabilitating injuries and more importantly identifying any potentially serious complicating problems are the most important parts of a thorough evaluation and assessment following an auto crash. Your body heals injuries in a very specific way and the serious nature of an auto crash deserves immediate and thorough attention with prompt diagnosis of “red flags” to prevent long term, negative consequences.

Following any auto crash injury, your bodily healing processes will act over the course of several weeks to several months, to heal the injury. Our office han help to accelerate the speed with which your body heals and help to optimize the quality of the repair in the body that is made.

There is a difference in the type of injury that is experienced from an occasional low back sprain or strain and one that is induced by an auto crash. Non-specific low back pain of unknown origin is not the same as trauma from a high or low speed auto crash and the two types of injuries should not be treated the same or even equated with one another.

An auto crash injury is a specific injury to several parts of the body’s anatomy. First, the spinal joints known as the “z” joints are affected. The surfaces of the adjacent vertebrae lie next to one another and the “z” joints are particularly vulnerable during an auto crash to very fast compressive and shearing forces that put more strain upon the joints than they are able to handle, resulting in an overload and a strain to the surrounding musculature and connective tissues as well as to the joint surfaces themselves.

Our Method

Proper and precise identification and diagnosis of your specific injuries is the most important step following a thorough and problem focused examination. When the injuries are known, then a detailed treatment plan can be constructed to optimize the healing environment your body is exposed to following the auto crash.

Passive and active treatment both have a role in the treatment of injuries and the timing of the active and passive procedures is most important in the effective application of healing modalities. What might be effective in the early stages of treatment could be woefully inadequate later on in treatment.

Working with Your Professionals

Your treatment at our office is not in isolation from all the other medical professionals that you might see or have seen in the past. We work closely with your primary care doctor and any specialists that you might need a referral to in order to get you the very best care, whether it is from us or from a specialist.

Be aware that your injuries may be very serious following an auto crash and we treat those injuries with the respect that they deserve. We will listen to your complaints and formulate a specific and unique treatment plan designed to bring about total resolution of your injuries in order for you to get the maximum therapeutic benefit from your care.

Our office continues to stay at the forefront of continuing education, with our clinical director, Dr. Johnsen, annually completing at least twice the continuing education required by the Massachusetts Chiropractic Board.


By its very nature, an auto crash involves a host of different things for you to do that are out of the ordinary. The injuries that you sustain, may require more than just passive watching and waiting and by waiting until the pain doesn’t go away anymore, you may be bypassing the most important time frame for accelerating healing, which is in the first few weeks following the injury. This means if you’re treating yourself or hoping the pain will go away, and you wait too long, you might not be able to fully heal. The safest way is to be evaluated as early as possible after an injury. Call 413 737-7787 for a no cost injury severity evaluation. Don’t put it off – call right now.