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Work Accidents

If you have been hurt on the job, not only is it a difficult thing because of the pain you are in, but also because of the difficult and tricky demands that the Massachusetts Workers Compensation laws place upon you. It almost seems like the workers compensation insurance is made to interfere with you getting better rather than helping you.

It is extremely important that you start treatment with a health care provider who knows what the laws for workers compensation are in Massachusetts and who has navigated through the system before. If your doctor has not billed workers compensation before, both you and he or she may be in for an unpleasant surprise and might get an outright denial for your treatment.

Whether it is a lifting injury or a car accident while at work, the system that exists for your protection has to be followed very strictly and there are limits that have been imposed upon the type, quantity, frequency and duration of your treatment by the Massachusetts legislature. The treatment that you receive is exactly the same that you might get for any other type of injury, but there are limits that have been imposed for payment of your bills through worker’s compensation and you private health insurance will probably not cover the treatment if it is a work injury.

Our office has extensive experience in dealing with the Mass. Department of Industrial Accidents and we know exactly how much treatment can be approved and also where the approval needs to come from in order to get your bill paid. We combine this with our already existing excellence in the clinical part of our services which is truly more important than the administrative side. We also have worked closely with attorneys and insurance adjusters in order to get the most beneficial outcomes for our patients and to make their experience a pleasant one rather than the nightmare that can often develop if a healthcare provider who is inexperienced in dealing with the administrative challenges that workers compensation cases demand.

We promise to make your experience not only healing but as pleasant as possible at our office. We provide entertainment for when you are getting your treatment done (including your choice of digital movies and/or music and magazines). We also provide the most optimal treatment that your condition demands. We have on-site x-ray facilities and also the latest in treatment equipment and computerized diagnostic machinery that pin-points exactly where your problems are.

Don’t delay with a work injury. The law may limit the type or place of treatment that you can receive and your job may also choose who you go to for your treatment. We have worked with many employers and have gotten excellent results for our patients. Call us now at (413) 737-7787 if you have been in a work injury and we can get the proper approvals done for your treatment. If you have any questions about the process we are always here to serve you and answer your questions so you can feel assured that you are doing what is best for your health.