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Soothe aching and sore muscles with Aquamassage at our office. Thirty six jets cascade warm water up and down your body for a relaxing and resting experience. Aquamassage can also be set for invigorating, or brisk massage to stimulate the body and skin and wake up your senses!
The Aqua PT Aquamassage is a high tech unit specifically designed for use in medical/chiropractic facilities and is intended for use in musculoskeletal pain management as well as physical medicine and Rehabilitation applications. The Aqua Massage PT provides similar benefits of Dry Hydrotherapy, Dry Heat Therapy, and Massage Therapy all in the same place!  It also acts to provide afferent sensory stimulation which is beneficial for many conditions.
The user is in control of the experience with the Aqua PT. If the massage is too slow, it can be increased in speed. If the pressure is too high or low – it can be changed with the user control. You are also in charge when it comes to concentrating the attention of the water on the spots that are most important to you to be massaged.

The AquaPT also has aromatherapy and built in music with headphones.

Get an Aquamassage!

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