• Auto Accidents

    We work closely with your primary care doctor

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  • Work Accidents

    Don’t delay with a work injury.

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  • Lower Back Pain

    Lower Back Pain

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  • Neck Pain

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Auto Accidents

Get a timely and thorough examination and immediate attention after your accident.

The treatments at our office are designed to accelerate injury healing while also

Making your injuries heal stronger Our Method relies upon taking a detailed history in order to

Precisely identify the problem and then diagnose it We work with your doctor and our office

expertise involves rehabilitating whiplash injuries as well as keeping you informed about

your progress


We stay at the forefront of scientific knowledge on rehabilitating injuries

Our office is conveniently located at the end of Armory St. at the Glenwood Circle

Our office has video and audio units for entertainment and education

Dr.Christopher Johnsen, MS, DC    author of Whiplash Rehab

The injuries that you have sustained, may require more than just passive watching and waiting to see if the pain will go away and the first few weeks following an injury is the most important period for healing.

Call now at 413 737-7787  to schedule a severity evaluation.